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One Step Cleaning and Disinfecting for Wrestling Mats and Floors

In the fall of 1987 we presented a one-step germicidal disinfectant mopping system for gym floors and wrestling mats to area schools.  This system has since been used at the Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament.

The findings were:

     1. The system effectively eliminated fine dust and grit which                     accumulates on gym floors and mats, while disinfecting the surface.

     2.  The system saved a significant amount of time and labor due to             the fact that multiple mopheads were used, as opposed to several               buckets of water.

In 1988 we were asked by the Iowa High School Athletic Association to furnish information and pricing to members in regard to this mopping system.  The response was great.

The disinfectant, DMQ Neutral, is a non-alkaline germicidal disinfectant that deodorizes as it cleans.  It is batericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.  In addition, DMQ makes HBV and HIV claims, making this the appropriate product for blood spill cleanup.

Please see our Mopping System and Mopping Instructions page for more information.